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Welcome to Total Care!

You are about to engage with a new type of healthcare company; a company driven by a Panoptic view of your life.

We are convinced that healthcare has become fragmented; that specialized care has become too siloed resulting in the quality and longevity of our lives to reduce since the beginning of the 21st Century.

TotalCare integrates the whole picture of your life and wellness, a full panoramic view, that is available now with better use of skilled people, the latest process and advanced technology.

(1)(păn-ŏp′tĭk) also pan·op·ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl)  adj. Including everything visible in one view. From Greek panoptos, fully visible : pan-, with respect to everything, fully


About Us

We are a Next Generation Healthcare Organization! At Total Care MD, we don’t just say that ‘everyone deserves the best care possible’, we are designed to make it happen!

In a high technologically advanced society, we have forgotten that the best care is provided by one caring trained person to another. Our Founders have been in the healthcare industry for more than 25 years and it is clear that we are at the cusp of a true transformation in healthcare.

Though this transformation will be fueled by better use of technology, we know from our experience that the answer to Total Care remains person to person. Also, we believe that to achieve total wellness, a person’s mind, body, and spirit must be addressed.

Consequently, Total Care MD assess the best providers that will attract the best patients – those with a positive outlook on life, wellness and the future.

We Provide Wide Range

of Wellness Services


We are committed to bringing the best of those days back…with a new company…with a new approach…and you will practice what you endured a decade or more of your life to prepare for once again!


Total Care MD has exactly those goals in mind, to help providers focus on providing care and not pushing paper. We are redefining healthcare – come and join our new leadership of care givers!


We strive to provide better healthcare solutions for you, and the providers. Our goal is to streamline and simplify provider operations, that will better assist their talents, to materially improve your overall wellness.

“We see a rebirth of healthcare, that combines the past approach of local community doctors, who even do house calls, with the most amazing technology the human race has ever seen – a combination that will make for the best healthcare for a new generation of patients.”

Noel Guillama, Founder


Welcome to Healthcare 2030!

This program features conversations and interviews with respected healthcare industry experts discussing the latest healthcare topics regarding current issues today and the future of healthcare, innovation and technology. 

Tune in twice a month for new releases! 

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